NOT OVER YET..(a letter to my Cosmos)


You told me..Never Give Up. It’s Beautiful !

Dear Universe,

Since last night I am somewhere else. I don’t really know where my mind is. Wandering lost. Couldn’t close my eyes to sleep. Forgot my dinner. Forgot Breakfast. Talking to people, doing several jobs whole day, kept a steady and smiling face..”Yeah, I’m good..doing great..:)”..
Just one person asked me,” What are you so upset about? You don’t stay so quiet. Where have you lost your voice ?”
My answer…”..uh..?” and then SILENCE…
With no idea of what to do and where to go, whom to look for an answer from..’cause You’re the one who answers all my (sometimes stupid) questions..resolves my confusion and provides clarity to my thoughts and my mind. I thought I would just cut off from everything that reminds me of something I can lose (which I don’t want to and don’t want “that” to lose me you see why I keep holding onto this.) but my work doesn’t allow me to barren this place. Need to come here almost everyday and see something so near still so far..And trying to behave normal in this condition I guess, that won’t be normal. That’ll be a LIE to oneself.. And I can’t be that big a liar..I had to find a way out.
After trying hard to bring my mind back ,trying to collect everything and solve this new puzzle “riddle of life”..I got an answer from you..yet again..even though you didn’t speak..
simple solutions hote hain life ki itni complicated problems ke. jaise simple equations hoti hain physics me complicated problems ke solution ke liye. theek waise hi ye principle hai ka..meri life ka..tumhari life ka..ise samjho..ise apnao..DO NOT GIVE UP..
(There are simple solutions to life’s so complicated problems. Just like there are simple equations to solve complicated physics problems. Same as that, this is a principle..of life..your life..Understand it..Apply it..DO NOT GIVE UP..)
Seemingly such a simple advice..but proper pill given at the right time can cure a fatal malady. Since that day in every such trying moment, keeping my calm I’ve always made this my weapon to fight back and try a new way..some way to get out of that situation. Still whenever I thought I’m not able to do anything I turned to you. And again you gave me a “Magic Potion” from your box of wisdom..and I found my way..
This is a beautiful riddle you have to solve. Well, when you will be dying one day, won’t you feel proud telling your loved ones that,”Kids, I solved this riddle of life and I nailed it ! This is what all happened…..” ? See. IT’S BEAUTIFUL !

“Until the end is happy..know..It’s not the end..Picture is yet to Climax..My Friend” -Shah Rukh Khan (Om Shanti Om, Movie (2007)) P.C. : Google Images

Yes, I won’t give up..It’s NOT OVER YET..I’ll come back and this time you’ll see me CREATING MY STORY..Enough of responding to what life threw at me..Enough of “TRYING HARD”..Now REAL PLAY..After all..My life’s not wealthy enough to afford to lose such a “Gem*”.
Diva !
P.S. : *I’m no less of a Crown too 😉 I know no one can find someone like me anywhere else ! So, I don’t want a beautiful gem to be lost from it’s Abode..It’s Crown..!